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Management Excellence

The Canadian Transportation Agency is proud of its long-standing reputation as a leading tribunal.  However, the past year has been a period of profound change for the Agency, due to numerous workload and resource challenges, and other factors both external and internal to the organization.

As a quasi-judicial administrative tribunal, the Agency's work is driven by the needs of suppliers and users of the transportation system.  Recently, the Agency has been facing growing demands and more complex, precedent setting cases.  In addition, the Royal Assent of Bill C-11 and Bill C-8 in June 2007 and February 2008, respectively, gave important new legislative responsibilities to the Agency.  The Agency also faces the anticipated loss of a significant part of its workforce to retirement over the next three years.

In an effort to respond to these challenges, the Agency embarked on a process of organizational renewal. A major component of this renewal initiative is the implementation of a new structure to increase flexibility and better manage workload demands. This organizational structure divides its primary functions – dispute resolution and economic regulation – into two Branches.  Within each Branch is housed the expertise in the various subject areas and modes of transportation under its jurisdiction.   This new structure came into effect on April 1, 2008.

The Agency is also addressing various challenges by:

  • implementing its first-ever multi-year strategic plan;
  • fostering a culture of innovation, measured risk-taking and accountability;
  • developing a succession plan;
  • devising effective recruitment and retention strategies;
  • implementing a performance measurement framework for service delivery;
  • streamlining policies and processes to ensure maximum efficiency; and
  • addressing learning and knowledge transfer needs.

These initiatives will enhance the Agency's ability to manage workload, generate innovative approaches to improve service delivery, respond to complex cases more expeditiously and adapt to the challenges of an ever-changing environment.

The Canadian Transportation Agency is committed to playing a leading role in the achievement of the National Transportation Policy goal of a national system that is efficient and accessible for the benefit of the entire country and all of its citizens.